Taneční workshopy s Nicolou Masciem

13. 12. 2021 – 17. 12. 2021

Program probíhá v rámci festivalu PUSH Dance, treký je realizován za podpory Celoměstského programu podpory vzdělávání na území hlavního města Prahy pro rok 2021.

Příprava představení Rapture

Videoreportáž Tanečních aktualit z přípravy představení je k dispozici zde.


Dopolední tréninky Nicola a studenti konzervatoře využívají na seznámení se s Nicolovým způsobem práce i jako podklad pro přípravu představení.

Movement research methodology

Learning and the gaining of experience represent the most significant aspects of life. Throughout it, whether consciously or not, we continue to learn. When we experience this process in reverse, we open ourselves to the possibility of acquiring new skills and knowledge.

When we fall back into an unskilled skin and state of mind, once again we allow ourselves to experience self-discovery and expand the possibilities of being.
Always prepared for anything, expecting nothing, open to everything. In the beginner's mind there are many choices, in the expert's just a few. Unlearning as the beginning of a new level of awareness.
Acquired and developed through his artistic practice and the subversion of the traditional hierarchical concept of teaching, Nicola Mascia’s methodology is an inclusive malleable platform that welcomes diversity in all its forms. A laboratory for experimentation, an open and playful dialogue to learn from one another, to share with each other.

Though initially devised for professionals with a physical performative background in mind, the methodology has since evolved into an inclusive practice that is open to both un- and experienced participants, with physicalities ranging from (dis)ability to Parkinson’s and Down syndrome.