Workshops with Michel Kouakou

6. 2. 2019 – 7. 2. 2019
Braník, S1


IN DUNCAN CENTER 6th February and 7th February 2019, 18 p.m.

Under the guidance of the experienced lecturer Michel Koukou from Cote d'Ivoire / USA, all Duncan Center students can attend a 2  workshops of African traditional dance accompanied by professional drummers.

During the lessons led by Michel Kouakou, students can  learn the roots of African-style dance movement accompanied by drummers, who for many years have been involved in musical accompaniment and African drum games for African traditional dance lessons.

Michel Kouakou is also drummer himself, and so he gives his play on solo djembe an energizing atmosphere during the training of these extraordinary lessons.

Michel Kouakou returns at the invitation of Monika Diatta-Rebcová after many years to the Czech Republic and to Duncan Center, where he has successfully taught in the past and his hosting here is again a special event for the dance world in Prague.


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