We are a state school - Duncan Centre Conservatory. As the only conservatory in the Czech Republic we focus on contemporary dance. You will find us in Prague 4 - Braník.

Teaching contemporary dance

We teach students to come out of their own experience and discover the ease and lightness of movement using the natural lines of the body and its energy.


Programmes for the public

All dance teachers and anybody who is interested are invited to learn more about Duncan methodology and the principles of Duncan dance technique. 


From history

From history

History of our school goes back to 1992 and is connected with its founder, Eva Blažíčková, who built on the legacy of the American dancer Isadora Duncan and her Czech successor Jarmila Jeřábková. Isadory Duncan's school in Prague was run by her sister Elizabeth, who was in Prague from 1931-32. The Duncan style was later associated especially with the pioneer of modern dance in Czechoslovakia, Jarmila Jeřábkov8.

Duncan Centre Conservatory today

Duncan Centre Conservatory today

We perceive dance as a way of life. Teaching dance is not just a practical question. It is the question of values. Values are crucial. We start from the belief that decisive moments in human life take place in a specific place. We understand education as the awakening of a human to looking for the way to their own sources. Everyone in their own way.


Unique environment

Our conservatory offers pleasant and friendly environment with several dance studios and well equipped theoretical classrooms. 


Our approach to students


Our students and teachers learn to cooperate. We guide the students to tolerance and respect. The students have the space to discuss, express opinions and learn to listen to the others. 


We respect each student's personality. The students have enough opportunities to express their opinions. 


We guide our students to responsible and professional attitude. Students  get the tools needed for the teaching of the dance profession in all its aspects.

School Board

Chair of School Board:

  • BcA. Marta Vodenková

Members of School Board

  • BcA. Marta Vodenková
  • Jan Malík, Dipl. um.
  • PhDr. Mgr. Vít Šimral, Ph.D. et Ph.D.
  • Mgr. Albert Kubišta
  • David Králík
  • Barbora Ptáčková


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