International Relations

Thanks to our participation in international projects, we have the chance to compare with and cooperate with various dance schools and art institutions worldwide. Students have the chance to get new contacts and knowledge of the possibilities of studies abroad or of work in foreign dance companies.

  • we organize dance workshops for our students given by renowned foreign dance teachers 
  • we run dance workshops for our teachers 
  • we take part in long-term joint choreographic projects with European dance schools 
  • we organize internships for 6th level students at European dance schools within the frame of the EU project Erasmus+ and at other dance schools and institutions within the frame of bilateral agreements (e.g. USA, Mexico)
  • we take part in various sessions and meetings of working groups and on conferences 
  • we take part in exchanges and invite guest dance teachers and dancers within the frame of the Erasmus+ programme and on the basis of inter-institutional agreements
  • we cooperate with international dance companies and dance festivals / our students and graduates get actively involved

Participation of Duncan Centre Conservatory at conferences and other mettings and working sessions

This participation is the result of the membership of the conservatory in international programmes and projects, namely:

  • within the programme EU ERASMUS+;
  • on the platform of European dance schools Tanec.SK: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Lithuaina, Macedonia 
  • within the frame of ELIA (European League of Institute of the Arts)
  • on various dance festivals.

Our conservatory cooperates with:

ERASMUS+ KA1: Student and teacher mobilities

Based on its application, the Duncan Centre Conservatory as the only conservatory in the Czech Republic received the ERASMUS charter for 2021–2027. Thus it may take part in the new programme Erasmus for All. Negotiations with universities resulted in bilateral agreements with the following institutions:

The person in charge of international cooperation and organization is the  Erasmus+ coordinator MgA. Veronika Šimková. Erasmus + programme is administered in cooperation with The Centre for International Cooperation in Education (National Agency for European Educational Programmes).

Two activities are carried out within the frame of the ERASMUS+ KA1 Learning Mobility of Individuals programme:

  • 6th grade student mobilities
  • staff mobilities 

We cooperate with a number of renowned dancers, dance teachers and choreographers, e.g. Becky Brown, Omar Carrum, Teri Weikel, Marco Torrice or Elia Lopez.