Summer school 2019

29. 6. 2019 – 4. 7. 2019
KDC, Braník

Discovering through Dance - Summer School at Duncan Centre Conservatory, 29/6 – 4/7 2019, seminar for dance teachers accredited by Ministry of Education, no. 882/2018-1-70.

"Summer School" is designed for dance teachers working not only in elementary art schools, but also in dance studios, elementary schools and for anybody interested in teaching dance.

The main objective of the seminar is to familiarize dance teachers with Duncan methodology and to allow them to practice the principles of Duncan methodology in various dance and movement situations, through their own experience.

The participants will be introduced to the following topics: Duncan Dance Technique, Analysis of Movement, Improvisation, Dance Creation for Children, Anatomy and Physiology of the Locomotive Apparatus, Methodology and Didactics of Dance Education, Singing and Work with Voice, Music Accompaniment in Dance Lessons, Folk Dance.

The graduate will imrpove their knowledge of the basic theoretical disciplines related to the dance field and deepen the ability to use them in their artistic and pedagogical practice. At the same time, they will deepen their professional qualification for teaching of dance at basic art schools and for teaching dance and movement education at elementary schools.

They will also gain inspiration for teaching at conservatories, artistic secondary schools, as well as teaching at special schools and in giving extracurricular activities.

The participants will be introduced into the issue of the importance of music in dance education and the importance of cooperation with the musician - the accompanist. 

The summer schools is run in blocks according to their content. Each block is given by a dance or music teacher.

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