Entrance exams 2019/2020

Study field: 82-46-P/02 Contemporary dance

The number of candidates accepted to the first year is 20. The entrance exam has the form of a talent exam and an individual interview and is held every January.

Who are we looking for?

Musical and creative people with talent for dance and movement, with sense of rhythm, with interest in the study field and general cultural awareness. 

How does it work?

The entrance exam is two-day long. In the first day the candidates are tested in dance, music and rhythm aptitude. They also sit a music theory exam. Those who succeed in the first day proceed to the second day with two dance exams and an oral interview.

The final results of the etrance exams are published within two weeks after the exam. 

Entrance exams for the school year 2020/2021

Do admissions worry you?

You have a chance to participate in the preparatory course with our lecturers and dancers. Improve your skills and knowledge with them.